Rieder & Lenz Z2 test

It's Interesting to see how testing from a vice translates into "real scores" when the same rifle/ ammo combination is shot from the shoulder.

Here's a great example.

Legendary shooter, Rajmond Debevec sent us this info and we think it's a really useful pointer to contextualise a test result.

You can see the 40 shot test target (shot on paper) which measured 15.5mm (tested in first week of June). The R&L Z2 was tested in its stock and clamped into a test rig. 

NB We have always felt that for the most meaningful results, the barrelled action (where possible) should be tested in its own stock. After all, this is the way the rifle will be shot from the shoulder on the range. And when done this way, you eliminate one of the major variables involved  when considering the differences between testing from a rig and actual "real life" shooting from the shoulder.

Rajmond used this same ammo/ rifle combination to shoot in a competition in Osijek, Croatia, where he high scored in the Prone competition and also recorded a 395 kneeling (including a series of 105.0) in the 3P competition there.

The score on the monitor shows a 60 shot Prone score (recorded during the second week in June) of 629.5

Needless to say, Rajmond is delighted. He shoots his R&L Z2 in an Esprit Carabine stock (made in France) using its barrel bedding rings.

The barrelled action floats free in the stock, with the only contact being the rubber O rings inside the barrel locking rings. This leads to very low levels of recoil and vibration, and control of the shot therefore becomes easier.

Ammo from Eley.