Sam Harris
(above) who shoots at the Chippenham rifle club in Wiltshire, has recently joined the growing number of shooters moving over to the quality Swiss 50m .22LR rifle, the Rieder & Lenz Z2. 

When we asked him what he felt about the Z2, Sam said "Because of the open breech it’s easier to know where you’re pushing the round in. The mechanism of loading is easily the best I’ve experienced, much smoother and less strenuous than the other systems I’ve used."

The Z2 barrelled action can be used with a variety of commercially available stocks, including the beautiful walnut original stock from the R&L factory iin Switzerland. There is  a choice as far as bedding bolt location is concerned; one in each corner of the square action, or two centrally aligned ones (the base plate comes prepared for both options, as standard). Sam can be seen in the picture aboove with his Z2 set in the Anschutz Precise stock which he was using previously.

The short, smooth action, Swiss made cut rifled stainless steel barrel, combined with good availability and competetive pricing, make the R&L Z2 a pleasure to shoot and a serious alternative for those shooters looking to take their shooting to the next level.