We're delighted to supply the "Principle" shooting harness from Ten Point Nine tailoring.


“Principle” is borne of the expertise that Pippa and also Mary have gathered over so many years doing alterations. The basic premise, is that you’re much better off getting something that actually supports you where it’s supposed to (rather than buying a cheap, ill-fitting jacket that probably won’t support you properly and will possibly need altering – and therefore turns out not to be so cheap any more).


“Principle” is sturdy, made from good quality materials and very supportive in the right places. It comes in a variety of sizes and this means that you can basically get a perfect fit straight away; it’s a really clever idea. TPNT have identified that a lot of the woes and frustrations of new shooters are down to badly fitting jackets, and this will help to both attract new shooters but also keep them engaged with the sport.

“Principle” is currently available in two versions; Basic and Intermediate; the main difference being that the Inter version comes with a shoulder pad to support the rifle butt plate. Some really nice elbow pads to go with the harness have also been developed. All models are ambidextrous.


For clubs, in particular, this is a great way to get people shooting quickly, safely and inexpensively. Of course, they should progress ultimately to a proper shooting jacket. But for beginners and novices, we think It’s perfect.

For guidance on sizes and pricing, please get in touch via the "Contact Us" tab. We'll be pleased to help.